Living between two very different parts of South Africa- Johannesburg, for the big city buzz, and Barrydale, in the Klein Karoo, Western Cape, to recharge the soul and senses.

Creative Director

The best thing a CD can do is make sure he has a strong team of creatives underneath him. His job is to inspire and guide the individuals in this team to get the best work he can from them. My approach to this is a balance between giving constructive feedback and leading by example,


I absolutely love writing. I think it’s the act of creating something out of nothing- the challenge of a blank page, and the journey through the universe that the process takes you on. Arguably the most challenging of the creative disciplines, it is for me, the most rewarding. But of course, in a visual medium,


If a director does his job well, you completely forget he exists when you watch his work. What you will be enjoying is the concept, narrative, performance, edit, treatment and final mix- all of which have been meticulously woven into a seamless emotive experience. I believe a director’s reward lies exclusively in the reaction of


Acting is magical. The actor is the only person in the process who physically steps into the fictitious world created by all the other artists involved in the project. It is a privilege, and a big responsibility to do so. With my writing, directing and creative directing having taken precedence over the last few years,

About Greg Viljoen

Greg is a Creative Director, Writer, Director, Actor, working in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has won numerous awards and worked in the industry for over 10 years

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