So today I filmed a new commercial for Tiger Wheel and Tyre. It’s an ad for a tyre deal in which the buyer of 4 new tyres gets a free Skil High-Pressure Washer. The concept was about turning average Joe’s into superheroes, with the help of the powerful washer. It was comical (of course) but I liked the sentiment. The leap from feeling average and heroic is not that great- it’s just a way of thinking. I think a lot of the man-made problems in the world are a result of men feeling that they have NO power, hence the need to wrestle it, with dire consequences, from another. And of course, we are all powerful, with amazing powers, unique to who we are. So what stops us from believing in our heroic ability?…We can blame the media, sure. The profit-seeking negative ‘headlines’ of our newspapers, the down-putting beauty commercials that insinuate that without their products we’re on a fast-track to Freakville, the Proteas’ inability to win a cricket match with the words “ICC World..” in front of it. We could blame these things- but these things are always gonna be there, so it’s not gonna help. No, the only way to BELIEVE that you are a hero, is to stand in front of a mirror, look deep into your soul, and eat a spider that’s been soaked in radioactive acid mine drainage water.

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