Jo’burg Jog

So I went for a jog around my neighbourhood. Turned out into 6.5km run around an obstacle course- ducking under security booms, jumping over open sewer drains, skirting the edges of construction worker trenches, looking left, right, then right again when crossing roads, then left, right, and left again over my shoulder to see if the dodgy-looking guys cruising slowly in their cars were following me…quite a work-out!  As grateful as I was for the bonus tummy crunches and urban combat survival training, I couldn’t stop my thoughts from drifting to the R570 million taxpayers’ money spent on the roads to and from our president’s house/village/mini-mall, Nkandla, in the Eastern Cape. I wanted to run on those roads. I wanted to feel the firm, freshly-laid tar underfoot. I wanted to run confidently, freely, without the fear of falling into a ditch, drain or mild depression. But it was not to be. Not this morning. It will happen though. On the day that South Africans get fit in the head and vote for politicians who spend the people’s money on the people, not themselves. Now that’s an idea worth running for.

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